Jan 29, 2010

Air Parade

My colleague brought these from Berlin's airport duty free. So fun!


Dessert of the day

New macarons from Jean Paul Hévin!


Jan 16, 2010

Colorful , yummy...

... and healthy! After all the food stuffed up during the end of the year, these dried fruits are more than welcome in my stomach.
There's a market every Wednesday on the Place du Marché St Honoré, this is one of the yummy stall you can find. Other booths sells fresh fruits and vegetables. And there's also a very nice Italian stall, with lots of different ham and cheeses, and of course fried and fresh pasta.

I bought these cranberries. They were so sweet!

Place du Marché St Honoré is a bit hidden but just right at a corner of the big avenue of Opera. There are also lots of restaurants all around the place, and they are all very good.

My desk

Hello! I'm introducing my desk today! :)