Mar 24, 2010


met this fellow in the subway

How can this thing be so ugly and yet so cute? ^o^
I think I can love any dog in this world.

Mar 5, 2010

New York / Paris - A380

I didn't realize I was going to board the giant plane until I heard the little guy behind me said it was the biggest plane ever in the whole world. See the cam video during take-off, it's so cool! It's like a giant version of Disneyland's Peter Pan.
Actually, once inside, I didn't feel it was that big. But you can see that there are many, many people around you... I might get nervous now...

Waking up to a pink sky

My seat was at the wing, and what a wing! In fact, when I'm really seating back on my chair, the wing covers up 3/4 of my window. Note: if ever boarding an A380 again, never choose wing area seats.

Then we landed quite softly, then as usual in Paris CDG, you have to tour around the for another 15min before the plane is actually parked. I've noticed firemen trucks following around us, but I guesses it was because the plane is exceptionally large, and quite new, they are doing this as a routine. But once we have parked, the captain announced that the tires "just" burned a little, and that he asked the firemen escort "just" in case...

see the little red trucks? there are some behind the plane too

NYC breakfast

I always forget how large they make pancakes over there :)