Sep 19, 2011

Hallyu in Paris

The Kpop wave has settled in Paris. In Chinatown, shops that used to sell Honk Kong music now had definitely more Korean items than anything else. Just see the shop's display! And they have all the idols collectibles! Hallyu collectibles shops in Myeongdong can't even compete with this one in Paris. They have SHINee note books, JYJ tumblers, F(x) pins, 2PM pens and even the pig-rabbit! Ah, these Chinese merchants, they never lose an opportunity!

 A puzzled Chinese ahjussi in front of all this

Sep 17, 2011

King Sejong Story

Didi you know there is a musuem hidden under the King Sejong statue on Gwanghwamun plaza? It's a little exhibition to illustrate the creation of the Korean hangeul alphabet and some other inventions of King Sejong.

At the end of the exhibition, there is a wall pasted with little block on which children drew about their dream. Close-up on two funny ones :)

The one on the right hand side is a little girl who dream to become a doctor.
Although the drawing of the guy lifting his shirt seems a bit pervy.
And I just can't figure out what is about the one on the left...

This musuem also connects to another part which is about the life of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin who has his statue on the other end of the plaza. You can find out more on Visit Korea website here. Both exhibitions are free.

Sep 16, 2011

Seoul by night

Travelled four times to Korea, this is my first time up Namsan. I never wanted to go because it's such a tourist place. I've been tricked by a  friend who convinced me to drag myself up the hill in the summer heat... Actually, it was okay, not that many tourists as it was already late at night. There were more Koreans who were there to take a walk. The night sky was specially clear so it was worth the hike after all.

Sep 15, 2011

Korea - Random 4

Cute things I've found here and there in Seoul.

The little bell sign is the symbol of the center district of Seoul

Some serious kicking

 While waiting for a friend , I found out there was more to the giant interactive information board in subway stations. Besides the basic maps and weather info, there are also tabs if you need to know how is your luck today. It's all complete with the Chinese zodiacs, astrological signs and even the fortune cookie. So, are you superstitious?

Sep 3, 2011

Seoul center

Just some pics around Jonggak area.

Sep 2, 2011


While roaming around Jonggak, I saw this juice shop and went in. It happened to be their opening day in fact. It's a new concept where they propose a very large selection of ingredients for you to choose and compose your own mix in three different kind: smoothie, yogurt or ade. The ingredients are represented on little hexagonal capsules you pick and put in the beesket which is then scanned at the cashier.

The concept is based on the natural ingredients and the fun in picking and creating your own drink but it doesn't come cheap. I paid 6700W for a pumpkin/ carrot/ orange smoothie but I got a free mug as a special opening day gift.

You can find out more about Beesket here. They even have the whole list of ingredients, each with a spectacularly detailed chart of its properties (calories, composition, vitamins, etc...).