Jan 29, 2011

Choux experiences

My first trials of making choux (cream puffs). It's really fun to make, to see the dough blow up into the golden balls. I'll need practices, none of the choux looked alike.
I don't like pastry cream much so I made a version of the cream with peanut butter and another one with Nutella. I love the peanut butter ones :)

Sadaharu Aoki - Round 3

No words needed for these. They taste as good as they look.

 Cassis Chocolat


Jan 27, 2011

Masks from Nepal

I haven't gotten around to post about the exposition I saw last week of December. It was at Quai Branly (now, my favorite museum) titled "Dans Le Blanc Des Yeux" about primitive masks from the Himalaya region.
It always awes me how people from so long ago and so far away could have made art or objects that still speak to us today. One particularity of theses masks was that they were mainly masks for entertainment. Often, masks are traditionally tied to sacrifices and other spiritual rituals. These ones were almost all smiling and fun and not scary at all.

Only after uploading these pictures that I noticed
how beautiful the turquoise lightings were.
The various aged wood colors pop out nicely from it.