Jun 22, 2010

Tibetan - Panthéon

If you want to try something exotic, there are 2 or 3 Tibetan restaurants around the Panthéon area. You would also find some shops selling different crafts from Tibet, mainly clothes, accesories and some very beautiful hand painted wood cabinets.
I haven't tried them all yet and I'm not an expert about this culture. I'm posting this time about the restaurant "Kokonor". I've been there 2 times, once for dinner and once for lunch. I liked the dinner better. Not that the lunch was awful but it seems like for lunch hours, they are in the rush mode, so menus and the food are much simpler.

The roasted barley soup is my favorite!

I'd describe Tibetan cuisine as in between Chinese and Indian. You can see that there are dumplings or meat pots, which are like Chinese food. But the taste is much more complex, with more spices and herbs.

Some pics around Panthéon. I know that the interior is really beautiful. I should visit it someday. But the entrance fee is not cheap...