Mar 10, 2012


My friend gave me this new recipe for (perfect, as he said) madeleines. So here they are from the first trial and they do look good. They came out really soft, not dry at all and the honey in the recipe is the most interesting. It gives a special taste and the nice gold color to the crusted sides. I'm thinking of making other experiences with different kinds of honey. When I find a perfect recipe (for my taste), I'd post it.
I'm always asking myself if I should post recipes of what I make on this blog. Because I started this blog mainly because I wanted to share my food and travel pictures. But I guess if I just post pictures of the things I made without the recipe, it can be frustrating for those who would want to actually taste what they see on my pictures. Therefore, from now on, I'd post recipes along if I'm confident enough about it.

Mar 4, 2012

Strawberry rose cheesecake

I loved Christelle's idea of using biscuits roses de Reims as crust base for a cheesecake. This makes a totally girly cheesecake! I preferred to mix in the crust a rose syrup because some people don't like a too strong rose flower taste. On top, I made a thicker (with agar agar) mint strawberry topping to keep it clean. This time again, I prepared mini sizes (10cm) and when cut, the tiny slices can be eaten in one mouthful with fingers.