Apr 25, 2010

L'as du Falafel

This tiny restaurant is right in the Marais area. See the line up in front and you can guess they make probably the best falafel in Paris.

This was taken a Wednesday at lunchtime.

It is already a well-know address, most of the  people waiting were tourists.
Although it's weird why everyone wants to buy the sandwich and stand outside to eat it while you can  go in to sit and eat comfortably...

I had a falafel plate which comes with too many of these yummy golden fried balls, cabbage, cucumber, marinated eggplant, paprika salad, hummus. (Tips: Their side of French fries are home made and crsipy.)

Apr 17, 2010

Bibliothèque nationale de France

This morning, I went for a movie at the MK2 cinema next to the national library, also called BNF or Bibliothèque François Mitterand. This is my favorite cinema because the chairs are so comfy (by designer Martin Szekely) and usually, no crowd here, so you won't ever be forced to sit in the first row and spend 2 hours with your head half bent to the wrong side to watch the movie. I like to go to the 1st film of the day around 10am, there's usually hardly 10 persons, so it's almost like I have the theater for myself :)

The library consists of 4 L-form buildings to be like 4 open books. In the middle of the esplanade, there's a mini forest hidden in a lower area, also part of the library. On nice summer days, you can chill out on the boardwalk esplanade. (tip: they sell Ben & Jerry's in the lobby of the theater)

This area has been developing lately. Near the BNF, other interests are the pedestrian bridge Simone de Beauvoir and the floating swimming pool Josephine Baker.

 You can access this bridge from the BNF's esplanade. On the other side, you'll arrive in the garden of Bercy which is very crowded on sunny days. It's also a newly developed area, Bercy Village/ Cour St Emilion. Ancient wine cellars have been rehabilitated into shops and restaurants. On weekends, it has a crowded trendy ambiance. (tips: there's also ice cream on this side at Amorino, who sells italian gelati. And a very good french restaurant "L'Auberge Aveyronnaise". More on these two in a future post)

If the garden in Bercy is too crowded, you can try to come back on
this side and stroll along the Seine.

If you want to visit this area, you can take the metro line 14 which stops at both Cour St Emilion and Blibliothèque François Mitterand.

Apr 15, 2010

Macarons... la suite, et pas la fin

As promised, macarons from Pierre Hermé!

 Chocolat - Chocolat pure origine
Venezuela Porcelana

Mogador - Chocolat au lait et
fruits de la passion

Mosaïc - Pistache & Griottine
I chose this one, mostly because it looked pretty (again, I know).
It has pink glitters sprinkled all over. Don' worry, your tongue will not keep sparkling all day after eating one.

They have around 16 different tastes, including some seasonals. There're some other one I'd like to taste and I discovered they also make ice cream that doesn't look bad. :)
Speaking of ice cream, as soon as the temperatures would go up a bit, I'll have to go get italian ice cream at Amorino!

For more craving, you can visit their website where you can download their catalog: http://www.pierreherme.com

Apr 8, 2010

Today's dessert

Spring is finally here! And some new macarons from Jean Paul Hévin.

All macarons from Hévin are mixed of chocolat with a flavor.
 orange/ ginger
wild strawberries
passion fruit

I didn't eat them all, I had the "wild strawberries". I didn't noticed the strawberry flavor. Got tempted by its pinkish color. Will not buy again.
My colleagues had the other two, both were good. But I heard the best passion flavor macaron is from Hermé. I promise to go there soon and bring back some nice ones to lure you.