Nov 21, 2011

My mini chocolate charlotte

This is my first cake I'm presenting to you since I began my baking school last september at Ecole Grégoire Ferrandi. The past weeks have been filled with exciting new things. At the beginning of the course, we were all in awe every time the chefs showed us a new technique or a new recipe. They are the masters even when it's just about cutting an apple into slices.

Now that I look back at some things I've posted before like this (my chef should never see this) or this, I'm really ashamed... I'm getting better but have still a long, long way to go before reaching the master lever :) But anyway, I made these mini charlottes and my little goddaughter told me they were really cute and ate all her slice without a single word in 2 minutes, so I thought I could share this with you :) 

Inside is a dark chocolate mousse at the base and
a praline mousse on top, topped with chunks of gavottes
for some crunchy contrast with the soft biscuit and mousses