Sep 12, 2010

NYC errand

A summary of my two and a half day in NYC. I'll only show the fun parts and spare you the awful part (job related, of course).

With the immediate jet lag in the stomach, we asked the hotel's concierge to recommend the best and closest place to get some light lunch. We were told to go to The Redeye Grill. Nice outside seatings and we ordered our salads for a 4pm lunch.

Hollywood Cobb Salad with king crab
Yellowfin Tuna Ni├žoise Salad
Trip to work and hotel view 

NYC sweets


Last lunch happened to be Korean, I swear this was not my choice. We didn't have a lot of time, and this Korean little fast food was the first restaurant in sight.
Organic tofu bibimbap
(not my meal)
Bibimbap with very healthy chicken breast version
(not mine either)
Vegetables japchae
(yeah this was mine, me not a healthy food addict)
Kimchi mandu
(this was also mine :p)

Last hours in Soho and then off to catch flight home.

Moon festival is coming up

The Japanese version: usagi manju from Minamoto Kitchoan. The yuzu filling was awesomely light and fresh.