Dec 3, 2009

My breakfast this morning: brioche suisse

This and the macarons come from the same bakery.
It's on rue Faubourg st honoré, right at the corner of St Roch church.
Restaurants are quite expenseive in this area of designer's shops, if you are on a budget, this bakery is definitely the place for you. They have about 15 different sandwiches for lunchtime, prices around 3.5€. You can (or must) finish your meal with any pastries from éclair au chocolat, macarons, flan, millefeuilles... You can also pack some more to go for later ;) Their madeleines are my favorite! (They don't make a lot of them each day, if you don't see them on the counter, ask for them).


Danidan said...

Ah enfin, ce blog retrouve sa vocation première : la bouffe sous toutes ses formes.
Cela ouvre l'appétit.

MerveillesbyEstelle said...

ah oui, miam miam...j'en ai envie maintenant;)

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