Feb 15, 2010

Dimanche à St Michel

It's still cold but the sun has come back!
Let's go to St Michel for some couscous :) 

Strangely, in this area, all kinds of food can be found. I think this might be the strangest area in Paris.
I've first known this area when I was a college student. As St Michel is close to Sorbonne, it is not only a touristic place, but students would often set their meeting point at the fountain. Back then, I'd come here for kebabs because they were cheap.
But now, you can find all kinds of food here. You can find the usual Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French bistros. There's 3 or 4 restaurants which serve cheese raclette or fondue. These ones are always busy because tourists must love this. I have never tried any of these restaurants. For us who lives here, raclette and fondue are eaten at home, on a family table or between friends.

yummy looking Tunisian pastries

Now I come for this couscous restaurant. This is MY couscous place! This the the one and only place I go for couscous.
It's a really small Tunisian restaurant, at a small alley. The food is of course good, and price are really reasonable. I've tried other more fancy and expensive Moroccan restaurants, and I ended up coming back here everytime.
Tagine d'agneau aux figues

Couscous merguez: best things are the carrots :)

and finish with a mint tea


MerveillesbyEstelle said...

OMG...memories flowing back. I need some now!!! T'es sure que tu ne peux pas m'en envoyer par courrier express??

Danidan said...

Tellement de bons souvenirs de ce restaurant tunisien, bonne nourriture et excellente compagnie à chaque fois.
Estelle, je vais y retourner cet été lors de mon séjour à Paris et promis je mangerais une part pour toi lol.

Danidan said...

Je pense même que je vais en manger 3 parts, 1 pour Estelle, 1 pour San et 1 pour Tieng hahahaha!

MerveillesbyEstelle said...

wahhhh...c'est pas juste que tu peux manger pour 3! non plutot 4.

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