Apr 25, 2010

L'as du Falafel

This tiny restaurant is right in the Marais area. See the line up in front and you can guess they make probably the best falafel in Paris.

This was taken a Wednesday at lunchtime.

It is already a well-know address, most of the  people waiting were tourists.
Although it's weird why everyone wants to buy the sandwich and stand outside to eat it while you can  go in to sit and eat comfortably...

I had a falafel plate which comes with too many of these yummy golden fried balls, cabbage, cucumber, marinated eggplant, paprika salad, hummus. (Tips: Their side of French fries are home made and crsipy.)


Danidan said...

Ben dis donc, je vais en avoir des bonnes choses à goûter cet été.
La bande des gourmandes : Estelle, San et Tieng vont être vertes de jalousie hahahaha.
Ne pleurez pas les filles, je vais les déguster pour vous ^_^

MerveillesbyEstelle said...

c'est pas tres juste de nous dire tout ca Daniel. Je penses qu'un retour doit etre organizer maintenant!

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