Nov 1, 2010

Spicy chicken bbq

We've found this restaurant in a side alley from the main road in Hongdae for dinner. They advertise their coal heated bbq for spicy chicken and pork belly for quite a cheap price. One portion of 300g chicken or pork for 8000W. Usually, we've seen more like 200g of meat for 10000W. Of course, we cannot really verify the weight of what we've been served.
The chicken was hell spicy and so good, the pork less spicy and not fat. We had enough meat but not lettuce for wrapping. The lady was also friendly.

The down side was that the place was filled with mosquitoes :{ I don't remember that there was this mosquitoes problem when I came last year. But this year is really bad. We have to chase all of them in our rooms before going to sleep.

Non this is not a faucet!
It's the vent "hood" directed right on top of the cooking food
to prevent us from smelling also like bbq chicken after eating it.

Can you smell it? :p


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