Apr 10, 2011

Setting up for summer

We are lucky this year to get an early glimpse of summer. Everyone are already heating up the barbecue, I need one urgently! Mine finally got defeated by the rust cancer last autumn. I went to IKEA but seems like their marketing team didn't plan with the weather forecast. They were just starting the spring collection. So what I got back are these little lights. They remind me of Chinese lantern festival which was my favorite holiday. My mom would take me to buy the lantern I want then I'd stuff myself with mooncakes. Why don't they make mooncakes all year long? TT


Danidan said...

Très joli et effectivement il ne manque que le barbecue.
Je m'imagine très bien en train de déguster une andouillette AAA avec une bière bien fraiche hahaha.

Excellent travail Virginia.

David Tredler said...

Tiens, un aperçu de ta maison... Sympa la déco lumineuse ^_^

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