Sep 19, 2011

Hallyu in Paris

The Kpop wave has settled in Paris. In Chinatown, shops that used to sell Honk Kong music now had definitely more Korean items than anything else. Just see the shop's display! And they have all the idols collectibles! Hallyu collectibles shops in Myeongdong can't even compete with this one in Paris. They have SHINee note books, JYJ tumblers, F(x) pins, 2PM pens and even the pig-rabbit! Ah, these Chinese merchants, they never lose an opportunity!

 A puzzled Chinese ahjussi in front of all this


Angela said...

Hello you (:

in coincidence I came on your blog.
May I ask if you know the adress of this store?
I'm from Germany and will come to paris soon...and I really want to visit this store!
Can you e-mail me the adress?

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

can you email me the adress of this store? pleaseeee help me

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