Aug 20, 2011


Changgyeonggung (yeah, there's a whole bunch of g's in this name :) ) is smaller therefore less know palace. It is right next door to the beautiful Changdeokgung. I always enjoy being places where it's not a tourist packed attraction. There was not a single foreigner. I saw just 1 group of Korean tourists and the other people there were some seniors enjoying the park. And the prove that it is hardly visited, I was able to shoot some "wildlife" there. There were birds causally walking around and fishing their food and dragonflies and butterflies cris-crossed around me.

A palace like the other ones in the city, less renovated
but it adds to the authentic charm

 It has this western style glass greenhouse at the back of the garden

 And the wildlife :)


MerveillesbyEstelle said...

Wow, un endroit calme dans une ville qui n'arrete pas. Tu peux prendre de belles photos :)

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