Aug 12, 2011

Mini choux - Popelini

Here we are, back to Paris. Popelini is a pastry shop located in the Marais, newly opened this spring.

The concept of the shop is to turn the basic cream puff into different flavors, dress them up cutely so they can be competition to macarons. Their looks only make you want to buy them.

I tasted 6 of them and my favorite is the simple dark chocolate. Don't look down on their tiny size, they are fully filled up inside their thin pastry crust. I found some of the icing too sweet so it's a pity it took over the flavor of the cream. I would say that eating two of these equals eating a regular éclair.
The idea, presentation and packaging are very interesting but they are quite pricey, equivalent to macarons. I would buy them again as a gift but surely not for myself.

 If you want to know more about all the flavors and the story of Popelini, check out their website here.


MerveillesbyEstelle said...

Je ne suis pas trop fan des mini choux mais ils sont jolis. Comme tu dis, acheter pour donner cadeau :)

Roxy said...

On y va quand???????????????????

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