Oct 17, 2010

1st day in Suncheon

Actually, with the time difference, this is the second day of our trip. After arriving in Seoul, we left our luggage at Sophia's, then headed down to Suncheon which is 5 hours of bus. As we haven't slept much for the last 24 hours, I was not in full photograph mode yet. I took just a few at the highway stop, of course filled with food stands all over.

food stands

I found Captain Zorg, the korean version

When we arrived in Suncheon, it was already 6pm. The sun was already setting, so soon? The air feels good, the city is surrounded with mountains. After settling in our motel, we went in search for food. It must be because it's sunday, the little downtown was calm.
 Jongan market

And here comes the food porn of the day!

My kimchi stew
Anne's dumplings ramen
Banchan - side dishes
ooh, my favorite tiny fishes!

The shop lady first said that she was out of Kimchi stew. But then she saw that we're foreigners, she explained that they're suffering a shortage of kimchi in Korea due to the heavy rains that spoiled the cabbages. But we showed her our excellent language skills and she finally decided to sacrifice her precious stock of kimchi for me :) The stew was explosively hot, as I have feared, but she was nice to serve me her kimchi so I had to finish it all up. It was manageable after all, very nice.

Tune in tomorrow for some gorgeous temple scenes and more food, I suppose.


Roxane said...

Merci pour ce premier article et ces premières photos qui, à coup sûr, n'ont pas fait saliver que moi! J'ai très très faim maintenant :P Hâte d'en lire davantage!

Profitez bien de votre voyage surtout, régalez vous les yeux et les papilles.

Bisous to my Sister


Danidan said...

On peut dire que cela démarre très fort. C'est très appétissant.
Profitez bien de votre séjour et merci de nous faire partager.

David Tredler said...

Le ramyon aux raviolis d'Anne me fait très envie^^
(hé ! t'as pas honte de piquer le stock de kimchi à cette gentille dame ?!) ;)

Anonymous said...

tu attaques fort avec ta soupe au kimchi! je salive rien qu'a la regarder!

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