Oct 30, 2010

Cheonjin Poja - 天津包子

After having settled in our rooms, we went next door to 天津包子 for some mandu as a late lunch. (I've romanized roughly the shop's name.) Koreans call all forms of dumplings "mandu". Even when they're as big as a bun. I find this confusing. If you see "mandu" on a menu, you never really know what kind you'd get. In Chinese, each kind of dumplings/ buns have specific names, depending on their sizes, if they're steamed, cooked in soup, grilled...

The ones in here are the sizes of half a tennis ball. In this rounded form and steamed, I'd rather called them mini buns. In fact, the 包子 in Chinese would translate to little bun.
They shop is tiny, they also have another one just a few shops further. On the menu, there's only 5 kinds to choose from. You get 6 buns for a serving. It's more a snack than a meal.


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