Oct 31, 2010

Grand Mint Festival 2010

One of the most exciting thing on this trip for me is this festival that features Korean indie bands in the Olympic Park of Seoul. Once again, I was over impressed by the logistic organization. I bought tickets on internet and I planned that it'd need at least 30 minutes of queuing to retrieve our tickets at the booth. In fact, there were 20 booths, each one attributed to some Korean letters alphabetically. We went to the "ABC" booth, no one in line, the girl exchanged our tickets with my printed confirmation and told us to go the booth at the left where we then again exchanged the tickets with a bracelet for the day. All the process took us 5 minutes.

 We've arrived late because of the delay with the samgyetang lunch and
missed some gerat performance :( We had to queue for
1 hour before getting in the stage.

 The sun setting, it became chilly so I had to buy this nice purple blanket.

The saturday evening highlight show, No Reply feat. Han Hyo Joo

We were so cold that we decided it's be better to get in the crowd up front than sitting around on the grass. Also; people around on the big picnic area were annoying. They kept on talking, going up and back to get more food. Concentration 0 on the music. And why?! Why do people come to this kind of event with babies?!


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