Oct 19, 2010

Suncheon - Songgwangsa

We took a bus from the city for Songgwangsa which is on the west side of Suncheon. It was a long ride. We did almost the entire line of the bus, some 45-50 stations for 1100W, not even 1 euro! We've turned so much around the moutain and with the fog, I couldn't tell in which direction we were heading. We finally arrived and got off at the temple 1 hour later.

This is the first time I see paintings on the outside of a building at a temple.



Danidan said...

C'est bien, il y a pas de touristes, vous pouvez en profiter pleinement.
Belles photos et indications intéressantes.

Roxane said...

Superbe! Sacré aventure pour se rendre là-bas.

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