Oct 9, 2010

Giant bibimbap in Paris

This afternoon the Korean cultural center and Jeonju city prepared a giant bibimbap in front of the St. Eustache church. I arrived a bit late but fought through the crowd to get you these pictures, and of course a sample of the food for myself.

notice how the women are busy working, the men stands waiting

Bibimbap mixing

I wonder how much gochujang (pepper paste) has been added in there. They were about 10 women doing all the work.

This is the sample!

Then everyone enjoyed their bibimbap. I don't know how much impact this kind of event can produce. From what I saw, there were a lot of youngsters who came were already familiar with the asian culture. Of course there were some people who just happened to be strolling around. Maybe this will get the Korean restaurants here more clients. But this isn't good for my selfish me who wants to keep the good things to myself.


Danidan said...

C'est sûr que tu ne pouvais pas rater un tel évènement.
Merci pour ton blog, c'est très intéressant, j'apprends plein de choses.

Roxy said...

Ouaaah purée énorme le truc.

Judging from the clothes the men were wearing, I think it's better they did not take care of the food : they looked more like official representatives than cooks! Imagine if they had ruined the bibimbap.

Je me prépare à affronter tes articles depuis la Corée. Gros travail sur mon estomac et moi pour ne pas avoir trop faim ensuite :D

yumesan said...

Luckily, the weather was so nice, otherwise it would have turned into a giant rice porridge :D

Yeah, wait for more Korean food porn in the coming 2 weeks!

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