Oct 20, 2010

Boseong green tea fields

Boseong, about an hour and a half by bus from Suncheon, is famous for its green tea production. Autumn is not the ideal season to visit this place, but it was still interesting and beautiful. Again, it was quiet, not too many people.

And as usual, you must find food everywhere. This is green tea ice cream!

I think we are the only two crazy people who goes around by the city's buses to go visit all these places. Everyone else are either in a tour group or they come with their own car. But really, everything is accessible by bus if you just want to find the information. Today, we had our first error though. For the way back, we waited for the bus at the same place where we got off. We were just wondering why the bus is not on schedule, which is pretty impossible here in Korea, even in the tiniest city. Luckily, an empty taxi passed by and asked where we are going to. So we asked for the price to take us back into town, 4000W, so we went with the taxi guy. Then he told us we couldn't have taken any bus waiting where we were because the place to board the return bus is on the other side of the highway.


Roxane said...

Ouh lala heureusement qu'il est passé ce taxi dis donc. Magnifique les champs de thé. Un régal pour les yeux, même en photo!

danidan said...

Oui magnifiques les champs de thé vert. Très envie de goûter la crème glacée de thé vert.
Je vous envie, la prochaine fois, je viens avec vous ^_^

David Tredler said...

Ca parait logique pourtant cette histoire d'arrêt de bus les filles ;)

yumesan said...

attention! avec des commentaires comme ça, il y a des gens qui vont bientôt être sur la black list!

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