Oct 31, 2010

Tosokchon's samgyetang

I've read that this is the best samgyetang place in Seoul. I think the queue in front of the restaurant at 11:30am confirms its celebrity.We were afraid when we saw the line but after observing 5 minutes, it seems it's moving, so we got in the line. We've waited just about 15 minutes to get in and from the inside, we can see how it is managed so that the queue is moving so efficiently. We got our table and ordered our samgyetang that arrived 10 minutes later. I'm not a fan of ginseng and I was afraid of the smell it'd have. But the taste is not as strong as I thought. Each bowl has half a chicken in it stuffed with rice, ginseng and a chestnut. This is my first samgyetang ever so I can't say if it's the best but it was yummy and you feel that's it's doing good to your body while eating it. Happy to eat some healthy food after yesterday's junk food day.

 The artistic tissue tower
 The number tag for going to the cashier afterwards
The soup was still bubbling when it arrived on the table
Stuffed with rice, ginseng and chestnut
You eat the meat with some large grain salt


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