Oct 20, 2010

Gurye - Jirisan, Nogodan, Piagol

This is our mountain day! We plan to walk off all the fried chicken from last night.

First thing first, breakfast! We got up at 6:30am to catch the bus so couldn't eat earlier.

Very lyophylized Udon...
I guess one can't ask for more at 1500m

On the program, around 6 kms from Nogodan at 1507m down the valley of Piagol 500-600m (couldn't find the exact number). The ridge part was spectacular, with view of all the peaks in the clouds.

starting point

 Nogodan peak

Then we headed through a pass a bit below the ridge. This part was easy, all flat, and the road was boarded by small bamboos and interesting trees and roots. Also found some wild hydrangea.

The red leaves! It's just theb begining of the season, we found some nice red ones though.

Then we began our crazy descend! But again, the calling of the stomach!
We sat down here to have our kimbap picnic, bought this morning nest to the bus station.

The trail was a real natural one... Besides some crucial part where there were stairs, all the way down it was just rocks and rocks and more rocks. It was a nightmare for 4 hours... But we got a lot of attention from fellow trekkers. These Korean people are really nice. We got an apple, some chocolates because we must have looked exhausted :) This is the reward though.

Finally arrived! And in fact, we did way lot more than what we thought! 8.8km!

And I met this little friend at the bus stop we waited for the bus to take us back in town.


Roxane said...

Juste "whoa"! Les photos sont magnifiques, j'imagine que c'était encore mieux en vrai. Votre copain a l'air sympa :) Can't wait to read more. Take care.

danidan said...

Beaux paysages, le genre de ballade que j'ai très envie de faire, quand au panier pique-nique c'est top!
Continuez de bien profiter.

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