Oct 22, 2010

The bibimbap

Here we are for the famous Jeonju bibimbap!

We we're served some entrees first.

Japchae, jelly, a Korean cole slaw with pink mayonaise
and a sweet fried fish.

Lots of banchans again. I think the number of banchans might be proportional to the size of the table. The lady who were eating alone next to us had as many dishes as us.

Then the main thing arrived, with the rice aside in a hot pot. You get some crispy rice bits in the bottom.

The lady come to demonstrate her technical skills of bibimbap whipping. Wow! Now I know how to, will need some pratice tough to not throw everyting out of the bowl.

Too much, couldn't finish

They left us a kettle of water, we didn't know what to do with it. We watched the other people and saw that they put it in the rice pot then they eat the rst of the burnt rice and drink the water. To not die an idiot, I did the same, but beurk >< not good! It's just water with a burnt taste.

Last, we got a yellow tea? It tasted like rice.


Danidan said...

Heureusement que vous marchez pour éliminer un peu car niveau calories c'est énorme. Mais je vous comprends, impossible de résister à toutes ces bonnes et belles nourritures.

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