Oct 19, 2010

Suncheon - Day 2 lunch

We missed the bus down so we had 2 hours left to roam. Not yet hungry so we took a pause.

Then we decided to go for lunch. There are lots of restaurants just down the entrance of the temple. You'd never die of hunger anywhere in Korea! A special dedicace to my friends, the Lacoste team ;)

Bindaeddeok: green soya bean pancake

Mountain veggies bibimbap
How nicely mixed, by me ^^
Banchans: from top left to down right
eggplant, kim (seasoned seaweed, yummy),
mysterious mountain things (*_*),
kimchi (very little dose) + celery-like greens


Danidan said...

Cela est très appétissant, je sens presque le fumet depuis Abidjan ha ha.
Je n'ai jamais mangé cette nourriture, une lacune à combler.
Bonne continuation.

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